Friday, May 24th 2024

AA captures another major border guard post in western Myanmar

Another border guard post on Myanmar's western border, close to Bangladesh, has been captured by the Arakan Army (AA). The captured camp is Dom Nyo border guard station, a major military base located in Maungdaw township in northern  Rakhine State, said a reliable source.

"The border police and army personnel were warned to surrender by the AA, but they didn't do so. Finally the AA members started attacking the border guard station and captured the base at about 1 pm on 17 November,” said an AA  statement.

The camp was attacked at 10 pm on 16 November.  Even though the Burmese soldiers attacked with airstrikes and fired heavy weapons, the  AA members eventually captured the camp that supported 70 soldiers, successfully despite heavy rains during the offensive against the soldiers.

It is said that 18 border policemen were captured  along with 40 weapons and military equipment during the battle.

Some AA members were also killed and a few were wounded.

Currently, the AA continues to attack two important military tactical commands at Taron Ai and Nonebu under Palat township of  Chin State.

The AA members resumed the attack on the Burmese military forces on 13 November and November captured Dom Pike  border guard station located at south-western part of Rathedaung township, 20 miles north of Sittwe.

Next day,  Chang Khali camp was  attacked and finally captured by AA members. Till date, three border guard stations have been  seized by the AA members.

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