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Min Bya township hospital shelled by Burmese army

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  • | Date: 18 November 2023
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 The Burmese army have shelled Min Bya township public hospital of Rakhine State on the night of 17 November that damaged a building. However, no patient was injured in the shelling.


A civilian, who personally visited ruins of the hospital, said The junta army didn't avoid the hospital either.  One heavy shell fell over the hospital. The entire operation theatre room was destroyed," he added.


The soldiers entered Min Bya town at around 9 pm on Friday and deliberately fired heavy weapons on residential areas comprising government buildings including the hospital.

"The shell that hit the hospital was found to be fired by the army from the Kyin Taung pagoda hills, where some army battalions are stationed," he asserted.


Min Bya’s one is a 50-bedded hospital, where residents from Min Bya and its neighboring townships like Mrauk U, Maebon and Pauk Taw have been receiving medical treatment. 


"The shell incidentally fell over the operating room and hence nobody got hurt. If it had fallen on the main building, many more would have been killed. I can not estimate the damage, but it was high,” he stated.


Since 13 November, the Arakan Army (AA) members and junta forces have been fighting in Arakan State. The army battalions LIB No 379, LIB  (541) and LIB (380) based near Kyin Taung pagoda of Min Bya fired on many villages without any prevailing conflicts.


On the night of 17 November, the soldiers  fired with heavy weapons where an elderly person was killed.

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