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Burmese junta soldiers killed over a dozen individuals at Pauk Taw

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  • | Date: 20 November 2023
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On November 16, junta forces killed around a dozen villagers in Pauk Taw, 20 miles east of Rakhine State's capital Sittwe.


The event occurred after the Arakan Army gained control of the Pauk Taw police station.


The AA was able to successfully seize the police station at midnight. The AA members seized several rifles and ammo, as well as other equipment and military documents.


Following the takeover, junta forces launched an attack on the town using military helicopters and ships.


Around 12 p.m., roughly 100 soldiers and 60 police officers recaptured the town of Pauk Taw from the AA. Over a dozen people, including children, were slain by the junta army while hiding in bomb shelters.


The bodies of  pefiveople have been identified as Daw Ma Saw Mra and Daw Ma Kyawt Thein (both retired teachers), Ko Kyaw Saw Lin, Bar Chay, and U Obatha, a monk from Sadarama Pariyatti monastery.


"Burmese soldiers fired across the road as they entered the downtown area from the jetty."


The shooting killed two female retired teachers. One family of five, including children, was also slain by army forces while sheltering in the Lawka Pantwer Buddha image hills, according to an eyewitness.


According to locals, several were buried on November 17th. Some bodies remain at the killing site because no one has dared to recover them.


According to social media sources, at least 20 civilians were slain by junta forces in Pauk Taw on November 16. However, Narinjara News is unable to confirm all casualties.


"The death toll could be much higher. Some people are still unaccounted for. It's difficult to get an accurate list because people have left the city," a social worker explained.


Hundreds of thousands of people fled their neighborhood shortly after the incident in search of a safer haven in rural areas. 



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