Monday, December 4th 2023

Battle between AA and junta forces breaks out in Rakhine’s Pauk Taw

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  • | Date: 21 November 2023
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 A battle between the Arakan Army (AA) members and junta forces broke out today in urban areas of Pauk Taw township, a few miles east of Rakhine State’s capital Sittwe.


There is a battle going on right now after noon. The junta forces have used a helicopter and attacked the AA members from air," said a local resident at around 1:30 pm on Tuesday.


The gun fighting started at around 12 noon and the soldiers continuously fired over the town area.


"The junta’s airplane was shooting over the town. We are worried about the local people who are trapped in various parts," a lady resident added.


A local source claimed that both the armed groups exchanged fire and the fighting was intense. The fighting is intense, he added.


On the night of 15 November, the AA members attacked Pauk Taw police station. Later they captured it. Next morning, the junta forces targeted the town with a helicopter. The soldiers then regained control over the city.


On the 5th day of battles, the AA attacked junta troops, stationed in Pauk Taw locality.

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