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Bangladesh-Myanmar border trades completely halted due to Rakhine war

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  • | Date: 24 November 2023
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The battle between the junta forces and Arakan Army (AA) members has been going on in Rakhine State and it completely halts the Bangladesh-Myanmar border trades, said a merchant.


The trader from Maungdaw township informed that the border trades were stopped since the fighting between the two armed parties erupted on 13 November.


"The trade zone in Maungdaw has stopped sending goods to Bangladesh. From the other side too, there is goods coming in," he added.


Soon after exporting over 40 tons of fish from Sittwe port to Teknaf port of Bangladesh on 14 November, the activities stopped from both sides.


The junta authorities closed all major roads in Rakhine State since gun fighting resumed. Thus the traders were discouraged to do business in the Rakhine region.


When the roads are closed, everything needs to be stopped. I can no longer travel anywhere. Both sides are suffering because of this sudden development. Meanwhile, goods are piled in warehouses and started rotting,” he asserted.


Myanmar exported 1,300 tons of onions to Bangladesh in October. Another 600 tons of onions and 400 tons of wheat were scheduled to be exported from Myanmar, stated a media report in Dhaka.


It also added that Bangladesh had to lose nearly Taka 150 million because of this hindrance.


During 11 to 14 November, Myanmar exported items like tamarind seed, fish, zephyrginger (both wet and dry), betel nut and zee yo worth USD 0.3138 million from Sittwe trade zone to Bangladesh, said the junta’s customs department sources.


Myanmar usually exports items from Sittwe Shwe Min Gang port and Maungdaw Ka Nyin Chaung economic zone to Bangladesh’s Teknaf port. In return, Bangladesh sends various goods including plastic items to Myanmar.

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