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After losing 200 military camps, 9 townships, junta forces start using chemical bombs

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  • | Date: 24 November 2023
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 The Burmese junta forces after losing 200 military camps and nine townships to ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) and people’s defence forces started using chemical (poisonous) bombs in northern Shan State, reported the Kokang media.


At 3:18 pm on 23 November, the military council forces shot four chemical bombs over the Namsalat hill camp, occupied by the MNDAA. Some MNDAA members inhaled the poisonous gas and felt unwell, reported the media.


During Operation 1027 carried out by the three brotherhood alliance (MNDAA, TNLA and AA), the junta forces lost nearly 200 military bases and nine townships. Out of frustrations, they broke the agreement on chemical weapons and started attacking the revolutionary organizations with chemical bombs.


On 18 November, a TNLA member suffered from the poisonous bombs at his camp. Earlier, on 14 November, as the TNLA members occupied the Mine Kyat camp under Lashio township, the junta forces attacked them with chemical bombs, asserted the media report.

Caption: Chemical bomb explosions and toxic fumes spread (The Kokang Media)

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