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Ponna Kyunt city market catches fire after Burmese navy fired shells

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  • | Date: 25 November 2023
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 Ponna Kyunt city market, 16 miles north of Rakhine State capital Sittwe, caught fire as the Burmese navy fired shells, said local residents alleging it a ruthless behavior of the junta forces to the Rakhine people.


Two shells fired by the navy on Kalandan river exploded inside the market at about 2:30 pm on 24 November. As the shells hit the market building it caught fire and finally the whole market was destroyed.


A local resident informed Narinjara News that the fire was strong. The fire service could not control the flame for hours. It went on even after three fire fighting trucks were engaged.


Shockingly, the column of Burmese army stationed in the fire service compound initially did not allow the fire fighters to go inside and douse the fire.

“The fire fighters were not allowed to put out the fire initially. After 30 minutes, when they were allowed to go inside, the fire had already engulfed many shops. The soldiers deliberately made the people suffer," asserted a resident.


He stated that there are many private houses near the market and the owners were worried about the safety of their properties.


"The fire was so strong that we could not approach the market,” said another resident.


Details of the damage are yet to be estimated. As there were about 300 shops in that market the damage was worth crores.


Many locals allege that the navy people deliberately fired shells on it. Major general Zaw Min Tun, who was a  spokesperson of the military council, suspected that it was a misfire from the part of navy personnel.

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