Thursday, February 22nd 2024

MNDAA Proclaims ‘ We Surpassing All Our Expectations in Operation 1027’

As of November 27th, a month has passed since the initiation of 'Operation 1027' by the Three Brotherhood Alliance against the Military Council in northern Shan State. Lee Kyar Wai, spokesperson for the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), conveyed to Narinjara that their accomplishments during this month exceeded initial expectations.


So far the Three Brotherhood Alliance has taken control of nine towns and over 200 outposts and bases belonging to the Junta. "Out of the over 200 outposts we've taken, 180 are situated in the Special Region 1 area”, Lee Kyar Wai said.


“ Our current focus is on northern Shan State, but our aim is to expand our operation nationwide”, Lee Kyar Wai said. He elaborated that , thanks to the continued success of the operation, it is poised to advance into the next phase, transitioning into a Nationwide Operation characterized by extensive collective participation from people across the country.


Lee Kyar Wai called upon everyone to unite and engage actively, emphasizing that the eradication of the military dictatorship is only possible, when each individual assumes their responsibility and participates wholeheartedly.


He stated that the Three Brotherhood Alliance, including MNDAA, will reject any peace negotiation offer from the Military Council. "I can't predict if they will propose peace talks, but even if they do, we won't accept it”, he said.


Myanmar political analyst U Than Soe Naing anticipates that the Spring Revolution, striving to overthrow the military dictatorship, will undoubtedly succeed, if all the resistance forces including the Three Brotherhood Alliance unite.


"The crucial step is to create a unified chain of command, free from disagreements or arguments, enabling the Three Brotherhood Alliance and other resistance forces to besiege Naypyidaw, the Military Council's headquarters. Achieving this, we can confidently declare the success of our Spring Revolution”, he suggested.


The Three Brotherhood Alliance declared its commitment to ongoing operational objectives, collaborating with like-minded resistance forces and organizations to ensure the sustained momentum of the operation.

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