Thursday, February 22nd 2024

21 young people arrested in Sittwe within 2 days

The junta forces have arrested 21 young people from Sittwe, the capital city of Rakhine State, within two days (between 30 November and 1 December).

An eyewitness informed  Narinjara News that 10 young people were picked up as they were drinking tea at a stall in the front of Winner Private High School at  Myo Thugyi ward.

"The soldiers came in a car. They asked the young people to raise their hands and then put them in a vehicle," he added.

A Sittwe lady said that the families are now worried about their arrested members.

"My son used to sit at the tea shop almost regularly. I am now worried about him. I do not know when he can  go to work. Now the soldiers are questioing and sometimes even arresting the young people who are found walking on the street,” she added.

Another group of 11 young people, who were also drinking tea at a tea shop in their neighborhood,  were arrested by the soldiers and they were taken to the 20th  battalion based in Sittwe on 30 November.

According to the locals, the families are yet to receive any communication from their young members.

Over 100 people were arrested by the junta force from different parts of  Rakhine Sate till 30 November since the Arakan Army launched a massive offensive on 13 November  against the junta forces in various localities of the State, said an AA statement.

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