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Junta forces arrest 20 Kyauk Phyu vegetable vendors

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  • | Date: 05 December 2023
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The Burmese army, which has restricted the food supplies to Rakhine State, recently  arrested over  20 vegetable vendors from various villages under Kyauk Phyu township. The vegetable sellers mostly hail
from Own Taw and Gong Chaing villages.

On Monday, the vendors were arrested when they were crossing  Taung Shay Toung mountain west to government technical college on their way to the market.

A  Gong Chaing resident informed that the villagers, including women, were picked up as they went to sell vegetables.

Since 13 November, when the resurgence of fighting started in Rakhine State, all roads and waterways to Kyauk Phyu town was closed by the military council.

A local resident informed that there  is no place to grow vegetables in  Kyauk Phyu town areas.

“There is no rice and also vegetables. All food items need to be carries from rural areas. The villagers bring vegetable to the downtown markets for selling. Now they are in  troubles as the Kyauk
Phyu  authority has blocked all roads,” he added.

Locals  said that the urban population is dependent  on vegetables from Malakyun and other villages.

The arrested vendors were taken away by a military vehicle. It’s not known where they have been put and the family members remain clueless about them.

In Rakhine State, the military council continues arresting civilians, and since 13 November  over 100 civilians have been detained.

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