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Military junta preparing list of individuals for punishing as they commented, shared, copied Rakhine news

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  • | Date: 06 December 2023
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Commenting, sharing on the news of Rakhine-based news agencies will be taken action a warning announcement issued by Rakhine State Military Council on Monday.


After suing Rakhine-based news agencies and journalists with various illegal acts such as unlawful associate act 17(1), state sedition act 505(A) and (B) , the military council threatened news consumers again.



The Rakhine daily, which reports on the military council's propaganda news, stated that such action will be taken.


Among the news outlets, Western News, Narinjara, Development Media Group (DMG), Border News Agency, Arakan Bay News (ABN), Cuckoo Chay Vlog, Arakan Princess Media, Voice Of Westland, One Nation News are included.


A list is being prepared to take action against those who take copies and share them further. Those who live abroad will be arrested and prosecuted when their visas are renewed, the statement said.


In addition to this, people in Rakhine state are spreading false news on social networking sites to cause public panic with the intention of causing ethnic/military conflicts in Rakhine State, in the reports on the military council's propaganda news, Rakhine Today.


Rakhine daily also said that a woman and a man from Sittwe were arrested and a case was opened under Section 505-A. 505-A case was filed against the two people in Sittwe.


They were identified as Ma Saw Khin Aye (b) Abu from the Ray New Suu Ward and Ko Kyaw Naing Lin from the Lanmadaw North Ward from Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine state.


In Rakhine, the military council army's violation of human rights against local innocent people and the residential villages including wards on downtown areas were attacked with heavy weapons by the army, navies and air forces.


The junta authority disagreed and unsatisfied above the media outlets that are reporting on inhuman acts such as burning by junta forces.  


It must be noted that the military council is targeting the media to cover up their crimes.


It is also reported that the military council has opened and prosecuted many journalists, including the editor-in-chief of some Rakhine based  News Agency, under various arbitrary laws.

Photo by Narinjara News

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