Thursday, February 22nd 2024

IDP woman, new born die without medical care in Ponna Kyunt

An internally displaced woman dies after giving birth to a baby due to lack of medical treatment in Ponna Kyunt township of Rakhine State, said local residents.


The deceased woman, identified as Daw Ma Htay Win (40), had to flee from the conflict-ridden Nga Tauk Tu Chay village under Rathedaung township to Doe Tan old village under Ponna Kyunt Township.


An elderly villager informed that the baby also died at around 8 pm on 6 December.


"The incident took place as the lady was suffering from pregnancy poisoning. The villagers tried to send her to a nearby hospital but it did not happen. Soon after the mother, the baby also died after a few minutes,” said a villager.


The woman and her baby were buried in the evening.


She was staying with her family members in Doe Tan old village for nearly a month.


Since the commencement of conflicts in Rakhine State, the military council blocked all roads and waterways. Moreover the soldiers continuously fired with artillery shells. So the villagers found it difficult to access the healthcare services at the hospitals even if there is a medical emergency.


"We could not reach Ponna Kyunt general hospital. We were frightened by the artillery shelling. There are obstacles on the road too,” added the villager.


Since the fighting returned, hundreds of thousands of people fled from the conflict areas. The elderly & disabled individuals along with pregnant women and children have faced major problems in accessing the healthcare benefits.


The soldiers have also blocked all the roads connecting the towns. The fuel prices have also gone high. Many emergency aid & relief organizations have found it difficult to continue their services.

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