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Child Injured as Artillery Shell Explodes in Paletwa Township General Hospital Compound

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  • | Date: 08 December 2023
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This morning, an artillery shell fired by Military Council troops landed and exploded in the compound of the general hospital in Paletwa Township, Chin State, causing injury to a child aged 6 or 7.


Residents of Paletwa Township reported that an artillery shell, fired by the 289th Infantry Battalion stationed in Paletwa Township, landed on the staff dormitory near the hospital in Myo Ma Ward at around 11:00 a.m. on December 8.


A young resident of Paletwa said, "The artillery shell landed on the staff dormitory in the hospital, causing the roof to blow open. The 289th Infantry Battalion is engaged in firing artillery shells at the war zones, and they end up landing in the town."


A resident of Paletwa stated that the injuries sustained by the child were severe, and there were not many other people injured.


"An RPG round struck the staff dormitory west of the hospital. Fortunately, there are not many reported injuries. Concern arises when incidents like this occur in the town. In the past, there has been no precedent for such incidents," stated the resident.


Residents said that the 289th Infantry Battalion, stationed in Paletwa Township, fired artillery shells approximately half an hour before one of the shells struck the general hospital in Paletwa Township. Following the explosion of an artillery shell within the hospital compound, the sound of artillery shells ceased.


On December 4, the Arakan Army (AA) captured the Tarunaing Tactical Operation Command in Paletwa Township. Following this, the AA launched an attack on another tactical operation command, the Hnonebu Tactical Operation Command, and the echoes of artillery shells and airstrikes from the conflict can be heard in the Paletwa urban area.

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