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Food prices soaring in Rakhine State

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  • | Date: 09 December 2023
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Following the renewed conflicts in Rakhine State, the military council has blocked all major roads and waterways which leads to soaring prices of essential commodities including the food products.


Soon after the gun fighting broke out in the first week of November, the prices of various commodities increased significantly.


Now one viss of Chinese garlic costs MMK 20,000 which was earlier MMK 15,000. Similarly, one viss of onion increases its price from MMK 4,000 to MMK 20,000, one viss of ginger from MMK 10,000 to MMK 12,000, one viss of dried chili from MMK 10,000 to MMK 60,000, and one litre of Good Choice oil jumped prices from MMK 6,000 to MMK 60,000.


So both the middle-class and lower middle-class families in Rakhine State have been facing difficulties in running the family affairs.


"If the larger stores start selling goods with elevated prices, we are bound to buy and later sell with the higher rates. Now common people hardly afford to buy these items. So the sales dropped almost three times. Everyone is facing a difficult time here,” said a small grocery owner.


Many dishonest businessmen are now selling stored goods with higher prices. A large number of poor families are facing food scarcity because of the increasing price rise.


"The prices of all commodities are now increasing. We don't have jobs as well. No customers are taking the motorbike sidecar on rent. Moreover, rising fuel prices are creating problems for the motorbike riders. Now I can not even get commodities on on credit. I have to seek assistance from the monastery,” said a motorbike owner.


Before the resurgence of gun fighting, the price of 92 RON gasoline in Sittwe township was MMK 2,200 per litre. It had gone to MMK 3,000 in the second week of November and by end of the month, it had increased up to MMK 10,000. Now it has surged to MMK 27,000.


"When the price increases, it decreases the profit for vendors. Often the vegetables get damaged and it leads to a heavy loss. Often we have to offer commodities with credit to many customers. Lately we incur loss while doing business,” said a woman vegetable vendor.


Currently, the military council has blocked Yangon-Sittwe highway along with other roads connecting various townships and it has created a difficult situation for the residents.

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