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Muslim Cow Herder Shot Dead in Maungdaw Township

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  • | Date: 09 December 2023
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 A Muslim man, engaged in herding cows, was shot and killed in Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State.


The victim is identified as 22-year-old Ana Muhar Song, hailing from (Du) Nyaung Pin Gyi Village in Maungdaw Township.


A Maungdaw resident informed Narinjara that the individual passed away after being shot while herding cows on December 8, around 3 pm, near Narula mosque and Arabic school in Maungdaw Township.


"I don't know who fired the gun. I only witnessed a lifeless body with gunshot wounds," stated the resident.


Currently, the deceased's body has been transported to Maungdaw Township hospital.


"At present, the body remains at the hospital, and the cremation has not yet taken place," said the resident.


The deceased had injuries to the right chest and right eye.

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