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Three Brotherhood Alliance commits to uphold political objectives respecting aspirations of entire Myanmar population

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  • | Date: 13 December 2023
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The Three Brotherhood Alliance announces its unwavering commitment to uphold the political goals that resonate with the hope and aspiration of the entire people of Myanmar, said a press statement of the alliance issued at 11:50 pm on 12 December.


"We want to make it clear that we are unwavering in our dedication to the political goals of the entire Myanmar population, who have endured generations of oppression under the military council. We will not turn our backs to this commitment," added the statement.


Furthermore, it conveyed that the Operation 1027 had been progressing as planned, targeting the military bases and hill-based artillery camps one after another, which posed a threat to the people.


Although the specific objectives of each group and collective goals of the three engaged groups have been somewhat accomplished, it suggested that a continued period of fighting will be necessary to achieve the ultimate goal.

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