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Junta's blockade causes severe food shortages, IDPs in Paletwa face famine like situation

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  • | Date: 14 December 2023
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 The ongoing blockage of communication and trade routes by the military council has resulted in severe food shortages and it has shifted the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Paletwa township of Chin State to a famine like situation.


An affected individual informed that over two thousand refugees in Paletwa locality are facing a crisis of insufficient food supplies where the price of essential commodities are soaring in the market.


"The refugees are resorting to selling their belongings for survival. The rice grains provided by the World Food Programme (WFP) remain inaccessible because of military restrictions. Many are in fact starving in the camp as they can not afford to collect food items,” he added.


The IDPs in Paletwa claimed that they had received the last food aid from the WFP in October.

There are five IDP camps in Paletwa hosting a population over 2,000 residents.


A large number of IDPs in the area are earning their livelihood working as daily laborers.

The concerned IDPs fled from their villages as the conflict surfaced in 2018 and 2019.


According to a woman refugee, Paletwa is currently devoid of job opportunities due to the junta’s restrictions on the entry and exit of vehicles.


"There are no employment opportunities here in Paletwa right now. A single bag of rice costs over MMK 100,000. How can we afford to buy  food items? With no income in sight, the refugees are waiting for generous help from outside,” she added.


Following the renewed gun fighting in Paletwa locality since 13 November, the cost of edible oil surged to MMK 12,000 per litre and Paw San Hmwe rice up to MMK 150,000 per bag. The supply of eggs remains insufficient.


Since 13 November, the junta authorities have blocked both land and water ways to Paletwa and also many Rakhine townships.


Moreover, Paletwa Township has been disconnected from the Internet for more than two years by the Military Council.


Lately, the Arakan Army (AA) has captured Tarawaing tactical operation command base in Paletwa township on 4 December. Later on 10 December, the AA declared the complete capture of another base that is Nonebu tactical operation command base.

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