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Junta's blockade on transportation routes spikes food shortages in Muslim IDP camps

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  • | Date: 15 December 2023
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 As the military council blocked the transportation routes in Rakhine State, which led  to the shortage of food items in the camps of  internally displaced Muslim persons, has finally pushed them to the brink of starvation.


"We are in a dire situation at this moment. The price of essential commodities, including rice grains, has increased to a sky high level. Now we are unable to  buy important commodities like rice, oil, or salt. The shortage of rice grains has caused significant hardships," said a refugee from Kyauktalone camp in Kyauk Phyu township.


A woman from Kyauktalone Muslim IDP camp informed Narinjara News that since 13  November, when the fighting resumed in the Rakhine region,  the military council blocked both the land and waterways and it  caused a heavy price rise for essential commodities.


"Lately we have not  received stipends from the WFP. We are surviving  with broken rice and the fish becomes out of our affordable items. Our food options are now  confined to radish, water spinach, and roselle. Providing snacks to the children in the morning hours becomes difficult for us. My husband has lost his job and he started using a motorbike sidecar. With the roads being closed, he becomes unemployed again. Even arranging a meal with a single curry becomes a tough job for us,” she added.


In the Nget Chaung IDP camp of  Pauktaw township, the refugees used to rely on Sittwe and Pauktaw townships for food supplies. However, with the current road closure,  prices of various  goods are escalating. There is a growing concern that the camp will face a severe crisis of  food items in the coming days.


"Livelihood becomes an extremely difficult affair here. If food supplies are not maintained within the next week, the refugees will  starve.  The entire State is facing difficulties. Eighty percent of the population can afford a meal per  day. There is no chili. Regarding the curry, we can have only  water spinach items. I can't even grow vegetables outside as we are not allowed to leave the camp. Now that the fighting is going on, the camp leaders have prohibited us from going outside,” he explained.


Likewise, in the Sin Tet Maw IDP camp of Pauktaw township, a woman refugee stated that they were encountering numerous problems.


"The stipends provided by the WFP did not arrive last month, and not this month as well. Rice prices are high, and hence  we are facing  hardships. It becomes  difficult for us to access the healthcare facilities," she  added.


Furthermore, a woman from Thet Kae Pyin IDP camp in Sittwe township revealed that they  are  running out of rice grains at home. The price of essential goods is increasing. If you fall ill and lack financial resources to collect  the medicines, it may bring horrible days for you. Even pregnant women are deprived of  medical attention, she claimed.


Due to the renewed conflict, the military forces have  blocked both the land and waterways, resulting in increasing difficulties not only for the local population but also  IDP camps.


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