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Junta orders closure of Sittwe gas stations causing hardship to residents

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  • | Date: 22 December 2023
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The military council has ordered the closure of major gas stations in Sittwe township of  Rakhine State, which causes serious hardships to the local population in getting fuel.

"Even though the fuel is available in every gas station, the military junta has asked not to sell to customers. The military officers have checked the reading of  available fuel stock in the gas stations and asked them to maintain it till further notice," said a  Sittwe resident  recounting his personal experience of hardship to get the fuel.


Prior to the resurgence of the conflict, the price of 92 RON gasoline in Sittwe township was 2,200 MMK per litre. But in the second week of November (following the conflict), the price has gone up to 3,000 MMK every litre.

It soon increased to 4,000 MMK and by the end of November the price reached 10,000 MMK per litre. It has even gone to 30,000 MMK in the first week of December. By the second week, it had declined to  20,000 MMK.

"You can no longer purchase fuel from  gas stations. I had to acquire it from other sources. Some people on the roadside are selling the fuel covered with bags,” he added.


A resident claimed that due to increase in fuel prices the cost for using motor vehicles has gone up and the manual labourers have to avoid moving for daily works. So their earnings have been restricted and thus they are facing difficulties in their survival.


"I start work at 8 every morning, travelling half an hour by motorcycle. I return home at 11 am for lunch and then return back to work. Till I return from work, I need one litre of fuel every day. My daily wage is only 20,000 MMK, which is not enough for my family. I depend on the rice, which was bought earlier and collected from our home cultivation,” he explained.

Due to the military council's order to close all gas stations in Sittwe following the renewed conflicts, the residents are encountering problems in their day to day travel plans. Some have opted for bicycles to move from one place to another.


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