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AA launches offensive against 8 military points including 289 & Mee Wa tactical operation command bases in Paletwa

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  • | Date: 05 January 2024
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The Arakan Army (AA) has been launching an offensive against eight military bases including the Paletwa-based 289 & Mee Wa tactical operation command bases, said a statement issued by Three Brotherhood Alliance on Thursday.


 "Beginning on 1 January  2024, the AA  initiated an offensive against the remaining tactical operation command bases of the military junta in the Paletwa region. The offensive is not limited to Paletwa alone, but expands to the other regions of Rakhine State as the AA plans to attack every single military base," added  the statement.


The AA members began offensives against the junta's camps near Paletwa on 1 January.  The targeted camps include 233rd infantry battalion, 374th light infantry battalion, 376th light infantry battalion, 308th light infantry battalion, 211th light infantry battalion, 217th light infantry battalion, 289th infantry battalion and 220th light infantry battalion.


The AA has already captured the Chin Let Wa hill-based camp in Paletwa on 3 January. Within three days of the offensive, the AA could seize a large volume of arms & ammunition along with military equipment.

The statement also mentioned that  AA members continued  attacking the junta's Taung Shay mountain tactical operation command base, situated near Tinma village under Kyauktaw township.

This base remains a stronghold for junta forces, where  intimidations of common people were often reported. The AA’s aim is to capture the base fully.

Moreover, the junta forces used jet fighters to attack Kyauk Ta Lone village and its surrounding areas under Buthidaung township.

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