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Clashes erupt after AA launches improvised rocket attack on Kyaukphyu’s Dhanyawadi naval base

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Clashes erupted after the Arakan Army (AA) launched improvised rocket attacks at  Dhanyawadi naval base in Thit Poke Taung area under Kyaukphyu township of Rakhine state, where there are many Chinese projects including gas and oil.  


A Kyaukphyu resident informed Narinjara News that the AA members launched five improvised rockets at the naval base by 7 am on 8 January.


"This morning, a clash took place in Thit Poke Taung. We came to know that the clash began after the AA members fired improvised rockets on the naval base," added the resident.


After the rocket attacks, the navy warships in Thanzit river below Kyan Chai village started firing back with artillery shells, which caused explosions in the mountains and also the fields near Si Maw village.


"The AA targeted the naval base and there was no counter firing from the base. The navy warships in the river later responded by firing artillery shells, which landed in the mountains and paddy fields, close to the naval base," explained the resident.


He added that  exchanges of fire between the two sides continued for some time. Later the AA members retreated and the firing stopped.


Narinjara News can not confirm if the improvised rocket attack was done by the AA members  and how much damage it caused to Dhanyawadi naval base.


On 22 December, a clash between the two armed sides took place in Kyaukphyu township as the AA had intercepted the movement of  a junta owned vehicle near Thit Poke Taung Dhanyawadi naval base.


At around  10:30 am on 23 December, the clash emerged around 1,300 meters north of Sane town under Kyaukphyu township. According to a statement issued by Three Brotherhood Alliance, four junta soldiers were injured in the clash.


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