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Junta forces kill three Mrauk-U civilians

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  • | Date: 10 January 2024
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The junta forces have killed three civilians in  Mrauk-U township of Rakhine State, who were used as human shields by the  soldiers.

They also fired artillery shells at a residential area which killed one resident.

The killed civilians are identified as  U Tun Tun Oo (35 years old), Ko Saw Naing Tun (28), both hailed from Shauk Taw Su ward and U San Shwe Kyaw (52)  from Ah Lel Zay ward.

The three victims were used  as human shields by the soldiers and they were shot dead by the 540th light infantry battalion at around  1 pm on 9 January.

The Arakan Army (AA) has verified the deaths of three civilians and issued a statement.

"On 9 January,  a column of  50 soldiers from the 540th light infantry battalion was stationed in Mrauk-U locality and it engaged in a brief skirmish with the AA members near Sakya Man Aung pagoda. During the gun fighting,  15 junta soldiers were killed,” said the AA statement.

It indicated that the column, while witnessing significant casualties, seized three Mrauk-U residents and used them as human shields. They were taken to the 540th light infantry battalion and later fatally
shot dead. The soldiers from the 540th battalion tied up and beat them.

“All three died. They did not shoot them at a same time. An elderly man was killed in the afternoon. The other two were shot dead on the road in the evening," said a resident.

Meanwhile, the 540th light infantry battalion launched artillery shells on  Mrauk-U township which killed one civilian and injured  twoothers.
The victim has been identified as U Mel Naung Chay (51),  who lived at Sin Cha Seik ward. The injured individuals include  Ma Bu May Chay (7).

"An elderly resident of Sin Cha Seik lost his life as a result of continuous artillery shelling by the junta forces. Two others also sustained injuries," said a Mrauk-U resident.

The AA stated its commitment to retaliate against the 540th light infantry battalion for the killing of innocent people and committing war crimes in the Rakhine region.

The residents informed that regular clashes between the AA members and junta forces near Mrauk-U Shaitthaung pagoda are going on and many soldiers lost their lives as they faced a landmine attack.


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