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Independent Press Council Myanmar calls for release of all arrested journalists

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  • | Date: 11 January 2024
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 The Independent Press Council Myanmar (IPCM) has urged the authority to release all the journalists, who were arrested by the military junta.


On Independence Day (4 January), a number of imprisoned individuals were released including three journalists namely  Ko Kaung Satt Lin, Ko Tun Than Aung and Ko Toe Aung (a former reporter of Mekong News).


According to a statement issued by the IPCM, a total of 170 journalists have been arrested and many of them have been imprisoned by the junta since 1 February 2021.


Till date, 118 journalists have been released, while 52 are still serving prison terms in different jails across Myanmar.


The IPCM, while  condemning the arrest and detentions of the journalists, called for  unconditional releases of all journalists.


"Our journalists are being arrested and imprisoned arbitrarily under various sections of law. We strongly condemn these illegal actions. Ma Shin Daewi, a former journalist and filmmaker, is one  such example of unjust arrest and imprisonment. We refuse to accept this injustice. Additionally, 52 journalists still remain behind the bars. For them, journalism is not just a profession, but means to obtain and distribute information for the benefit of the public. The IPCM is fully committed to take practical measures to secure unconditional releases of all journalists," said IPCM secretary U Toe Zaw Latt.

Furthermore, reiterating that journalism is not a crime, the IPCM has expressed its commitment to pursue the release of all arrested journalists and also ensure a safe ambience for them on duty.


Photo: DW

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