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Junta forces launch artillery shells on Mrauk U‘s ancient palace mound

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  • | Date: 13 January 2024
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Myanmar military junta's 540th light infantry battalion, stationed in Mrauk-U of Rakhine State, launched artillery shells on the ancient Rakhine city of Mrauk-U at 11:30 am on Wednesday, said a statement issued by Three Brotherhood Alliance.

The statement claimed that the soldiers, even though they were aware of the Mrauk-U cultural area's proposed World Heritage listing, deliberately fired six rounds of artillery shells on Nandawyar Gon (palace mound), which is regarded as a cultural hub to the Rakhine people.

“Such actions constitute a deliberate act of destroying invaluable cultural heritage, amounting to a war crime,” stated Three Brotherhood Alliance.

Mrauk-U was the capital city lasting for 354 years (from AD 1430 to AD 1784), but tragically it was set ablaze during the invasion of Burmese king Bodawpaya's troops. Furthermore, historical accounts suggest that the palace mound was flattened by cutting down the surrounding mountains.

The current military regime has been destroying the invaluable ancient heritage of the Rakhine people intentionally. In a recent attack, they even fired artillery shells at the archaeological museum located on
the palace mound, resulting in the destruction of sculptures and priceless stone inscriptions.

On 10 January,  several artillery shells fired by the 540th light infantry battalion exploded at Aung Tat ward of Mrauk-U township. It caused damages to several houses and one local resident sustained injuries from the shrapnel.

The junta's 540th light infantry battalion, stationed in Mrauk-U, intentionally launched artillery shells over the urban wards. It resulted in complete destruction of two residential houses by fire near Wah Zee bridge in Wah Zee ward of  Mrauk-U township.

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