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Junta forces relocate families from western command in Ann, Sittwe to Naypyidaw

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  • | Date: 21 January 2024
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The families of junta forces from western command in Ann and Sittwe townships have been shifted to Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar.


"The relocation took place on 17 and 18 January. I heard they were taken to Naypyidaw," said a resident of Ann locality.


But he admitted that he has no details about the number of shifted families.

According to a recent military report, the camps situated at Yaw creek of Ann township faced an attack from the Arakan Army (AA) fighters. Subsequently the junta forces deserted the camp, and currently they are being deployed in Kazukaing.


"Ann locality is full of forests & mountains. There's a common belief that the western command would be more vulnerable to AA fighters compared to other towns due to its location,” added the resident.


The residents from various wards and villages near the junta battalions in Ann locality have also been relocated. Many police stations, including that of Tat Taung town were also withdrawn some time back.


Also in Sittwe, there are reports that families of junta forces are being relocated on 18 and 19 January.


A businessman closely associated with the State military council informed Narinjara News that when Rakhine was peaceful the junta  families enjoyed their time in Sittwe.


“At the onset of conflicts, they promptly shifted their wives and children to Yangon or Naypyidaw. The remaining military personnel are also facing risks in Sittwe,” added the businessman.

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