Thursday, February 22nd 2024

AA launches offensive against junta's Ramree camp

 Following an attack by the Arakan Army (AA) on Ramree (Yanbye) township in Ramree island of Rakhine State, where China's gas & oil pipeline project is situated, the fighting intensified.


"As of 8 o'clock in the morning, the intense fighting persists between the AA fighters and junta forces. The sound of artillery shells and machine gun firing  spread across the locality.

The AA fighters are launching attacks on soldiers stationed at Thein Taung hill-based military camp," said a Ramree resident.


Thein Taung hill-based camp, situated in south Okkala ward of  Ramree township, came under attacks by the AA fighters at 8 am on 24 January.


A local resident informed Narinjara News that during the fighting, several houses in south Okkala ward, located at the base of Thein Taung mountain, caught fire because of artillery shells fired by the junta forces.


"At present, smoke is visible in the ward. The battle continued till  9 am," he added.


On 23 January at approximately 7 pm, the navy personnel launched around 10 artillery shells targeting  Ramree town from the mouth of Ramree creek.


Also on 22 January, the AA fired ten improvised rockets at the largest naval headquarters on the Rakhine coast near Kyaukphyu, resulting in casualties and damages.


In Ramree township, on 18 December 2023, there was a clash between junta forces and the AA fighters on the mountain, where Aung Chan Thar pagoda is located, which is 200 meters south of the township.


Amid the conflict, the junta forces launched attacks using a range of weapons, including jet fighters, helicopters from navy vessels and also hill-based battalions. Since the afternoon of 18 December, the residents from urban wards sought refuge in nearby villages.



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