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Three Brotherhood Alliance expresses full confidence in complete capture of remaining battalions in Kyauktaw, Mrauk-U and Minbya

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Three Brotherhood Alliance yesterday expressed full confidence that the Arakan Army (AA) will successfully capture all the junta battalions in Kyauktaw, Mrauk-U and Minbya, three major towns in Rakhine State currently under attack by AA fighters.


The current offensive is in a favorable condition, said a statement issued by the Three Brotherhood Alliance.


"We are continuing our offensive to completely capture the remaining battalions in Kyauktaw, Mrauk-U, and Minbya townships. We are confident that we will achieve it soon as the current situation is favourable to us," stated the statement.

The AA fighters have completely captured the Minbya-based 380th light infantry battalion and Kyauktaw-based 374th light infantry battalion following their offensive. Despite the military junta trying to protect these battalions with the use of air force and navy personnel, it failed.


Now the  AA fighters are launching an offensive against the 9th military operations command (MOC-9) in Kyauktaw township, a crucial military headquarters in Rakhine State. Reports from the ground reveal that the  AA is going to capture MOC-9.

From 30 January, the AA commandos have been launching attacks on the 379th and 541st light infantry battalions, which are the remaining battalions in Minbya. By now, a significant number of weapons were seized from the 379th battalion.

A number of soldiers, including the battalion commander, were killed in the 379th battalion, where they had dug a tunnel and tried to resist. At least 53 soldiers were captured alive by the AA fighters during the battle.


In Minbya, there are three battalions namely 380th, 379th and 541st.Despite intense aerial bombardment and artillery shelling from the warships to prevent their collapses, the soldiers couldn't stand against the AA members leading to the entire battalion falls.


Many soldiers, sent as reinforcements to Minbya on naval warships, were killed during the attack by AA jmembers. The bodies of junta soldiers were seen floating on Yar Maung river water.

The AA fighters have captured the 374th battalion in Kyauktaw locality  and the remaining MOC-9 is facing the offensive. Two more battalions namely  375th and 376th are also reportedly fighting in a bad condition.


In the Mrauk-U urban areas,  540th, 377th and 378th battalions are facing attacks from the AA members. The whole township is under intense attack like major towns namely Kyauktaw or Minbya.


The 15th military operations command (MOC-15) based in Buthidaung is also under attack by AA members and casualties are reported among the soldiers at Sai Tin bridge in southern Buthidaung locality as well as a hill-based camp.


In Ramree (Yanbye) township, the junta has been engaging air force and navy personnel. Various parts of the town are destroyed with the deployment of chemical bombs. The residents also informed that many soldiers fled from the locality and some had surrendered their weapons.

Residents reported to Narinjara News that on 29 January, two junta navy warships delivered reinforcements of over 100 soldiers near Pyaing Chaung Gyi village. Now 40 out of them are reportedly missing and some surrendered to the AA. However, it’s not confirmed by the AA officials.


In a recent interview, captain Lin Htet Aung, who participated in the civil disobedience movement (CDM) against the military junta's coup, revealed that Rakhine State may face similar conditions like northern Shan State.

"I anticipate that Rakhine will soon witness a scenario akin to northern Shan State with the potential capture of many towns. The military situation may evolve to a point where even the military's headquarters would fall. Despite the junta forces deploying its navy, air force, and army personnel in the Rakhine region, their military power seemingly  falls short to the AA fighters. Success in capturing the entire Rakhine State will depend on the military objectives of the Three Brotherhood Alliance," he commented.

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