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AA successfully captures 540th battalion in Mrauk-U

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  • | Date: 01 February 2024
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The Arakan Army (AA) has completely captured the 540th light infantry battalion based in Mrauk-U, the ancient capital of Rakhine State, said a statement issued by the AA.

"The entire 540th battalion was successfully captured after the AA fighters defeated the junta forces on 30 January at 11:45 pm,” added the statement.

In Mrauk-U township, where the 540th, 377th and 378th light infantry battalions were located, the AA fighter simultaneously launched offensives and captured the 540th battalion first.

"These junta battalions were involved with theft, looting and destruction of world heritage site for many days. They deliberately fired artillery shells and tried to burn Mrauk-U locality," asserted
the statement.

At least 315 junta soldiers along with their families from the 540th battalion surrendered to the AA after the battle.

The AA members continue attacking two remaining Mrauk-U-based battalions (377th and 378th) along with simultaneous offensives on all military camps.

Earlier, the AA fighters fully captured the 374th battalion in Kyauktaw on 30 January and 380th battalion in Minbya on 28 January.

The junta soldiers tried to defend these battalions with airstrikes, naval artillery shells and military reinforcements. But despite their efforts, those battalions had gone to AA’s full control.

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