Thursday, February 22nd 2024

A captures Taung Pro Let Yar camp, recovers soldier's bodies, confiscates arms & ammunition

The Arakan Army (AA) captured Taung Pro Let Yar camp in the northern part of Maungdaw township in Rakhine State at around 6 am on Sunday.


During the capture of the camp, which is adjacent to Bangladesh, a number of junta soldiers were found dead along with a significant cache of arms and ammunition.


On the other hand, several courageous AA fighters have also lost their lives for the sake of the country and its people, said Three Brotherhood Alliance.


At the dawn of 4 February, the AA fighters simultaneously launched offensives against two remaining camps namely Taung Pro Let Yar and Taung Pro Let Wae in northern Maungdaw.


The clash was intense and sound of gunfire and artillery shells spread across the region, which was reported by Bangladeshi media outlets also.


Meanwhile, 60 border police personnel and soldiers fled across the border to arrive in Bangladesh along with their weapons. They surrendered to the Border Guard Bangladesh personnel.


The AA reiterated their message to the junta soldiers, remaining in Taung Pro Let Wae camp, to surrender with their weapons.


The AA fighters are currently engaged in an offensive to capture specific camps in Mrauk-U, Minbya, and Kyauktaw townships, added the Three Brotherhood Alliance statement.


In Ponnagyun township, a clash unfolded against a soldiers' column advancing from the river side. The naval warship at Shwe Min Gan jetty in Sittwe also launched artillery shells targeting the AA fighters.


The 354th light infantry battalion based in Sittwe continued firing the artillery shells.


At 6:40 am, the military camp located at Thein Taung Pagoda hill in Ramree (Yanbye) township unleashed artillery shells targeting the town and surrounding areas on two occasions.


Daily clashes between the junta forces and AA fighters are reported in the Rakhine region.  Many other locations of Myanmar  also witness armed conflicts with the revolutionary  groups.


(Extracted from the 101st day battle statement of Operation 1027, issued on 4 February 2024 at 11:50 pm by Three Brotherhood Alliance)

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