Thursday, February 22nd 2024

Junta warplanes bomb school in Kayah State, kill 4 children, injure 10

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  • | Date: 06 February 2024
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At least four children were killed and 10 others injured in an airstrike by the military junta over a school for the displaced children in Demoso township of Karenni (Kayah) State, said Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF) information officer.


Talking to Narinjara News, the officer added, “Due to the airstrike on Monday in the morning hours, four were killed and ten injured. Those who died were all children (aged 11 to 13).”

Laymai school, where both war-displaced and local children were studying, faced the bomb. During the strike nearly 200 students were in the school. The pupils were from kindergarten to 8th standard. Some pupils were seriously injured.


"The military junta intentionally targeted the building during school  hours. I want to emphasize that they are committing war crimes against both the people and children. But this is not uncommon for them. In Karenni State, they continue committing war crimes targeting schools, IDP camps and even hospitals," asserted the officer.


The local defense forces in Karenni are advising people to create bomb shelters for children in the schools and villages. The shelters can be constructed  by  digging ditches, reinforcing the soil and placing logs on the top for more protection, concluded the officer.

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