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AA captures two more battalions in Kyauktaw and Mrauk-U

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  • | Date: 06 February 2024
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 The Arakan Army (AA) has successfully captured two more battalions, one based in Kyauktaw and another in Mrauk-U of Rakhine State.

According to a statement issued by Three Brotherhood Alliance both the battalions were captured by AA fighters at around 11:50 pm on Monday.


Earlier the AA captured the 376th light infantry battalion, operating under 9th military operations command (MOC-9) of the  military junta in Kyauktaw on 2 February last.

The 378th battalion under MOC-9, which used terrorise the civilians and even destroyed Mrauk-U historical and cultural heritages, was defeated on 5 February.


On 30  January, the Kyauktaw-based 374th battalion was captured by AA fighters. Now the

376th battalion has gone to AA’s control.


Currently, the MOC-9 and 375th battalion in Kyauktaw locality remains out of AA’s control.


The AA also captured the Mrauk-U-based 540th battalion on 30 January. Now they have

captured the 378th battalion.


The 377th light infantry battalion and 31st police battalion in Mrauk-U are also facing attacks by AA fighters and those may fall very soon.


The conflicts across the Rakhine region are escalating as the AA continues its  attacks on the remaining junta camps in Minbya, Kyauktaw and Mrauk-U townships.


However,  the clashes in Rathedaung, Ponnagyun, Ramree (Yanbye) and Ann townships are yet to be intense. But the junta forces persisted in launching attacks using air force and  navy personnel.


The offensive, initiated on 4 February continues and the AA fighters have targeted  Taung Pyo Let Wae camp, a border guard camp in Maungdaw township, situated along the Bangladesh-Rakhine border.

The AA is actively pursuing and attacking the junta soldiers attempting to escape. Some even  crossed into Bangladesh. Over 100 border guard police personnel entered Bangladesh yesterday and many are joining them today also.


The navy warship fired more than 10 artillery shells over  Pyin Chaung Gyi village under Ramree and its adjacent areas, added the statement.


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