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Concerns rise in Taungup as reports surface of sealing to houses belonging to fleeing residents

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A large number of families in the Rakhine region are apprehending if their houses would be sealed by the military junta as they fled the village due to the ongoing conflicts. A resident of  Taungup township revealed the anxieties of war-fleeing families to Narinjara News recently.


Moreover, the junta is reportedly threatening actions against the villagers who constructed bomb shelters.


On 4 February, a military council column inspected houses in the urban wards of Taungup locality and compelled the owners to refill the ground where bomb shelters were created.


"Military junta soldiers are patrolling the town, inspecting some particular houses. They warned the residents with bomb shelters and asked to  refill those immediately,” added the resident.



Many individuals in the locality, who fled their places out of fear, remain apprehensive if their houses would be sealed.


"There are rumours that the  junta is planning to seal off the houses. We are worried, even though we have no details,” said another resident.


The individuals travelling for health reasons are permitted with a recommendation from the general administrator. But the import of goods is still prohibited leading to disruption in the flow of essential goods.


"The cost of gasoline surged to 25,000 MMK a month ago. Last week, it dropped to 15,000 MMK. Now the stockpiled gasoline is on sale at the rate of  8,500 MMK,” added the resident.

Currently, the junta forces are conducting regular patrolling in Taungup’s urban areas. The residents also reported that military activities at the jetties continued putting the civilians in trouble while moving out of the township.

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