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AA captures both Taung Pro Let Wae and Let Yar camps

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The Arakan Army (AA) launched an offensive against two border guard camps Taung Pro Let Wae and Taung Pro Let Yar on the Bangladesh- Arakan border in northern Maungdaw locality at 5:10 am on Sunday. By 6 pm, the entire Taung Pro Let Yar camp was captured by AA fighters.


Later Taung Pro Let Wae camp was also captured on Tuesday evening.


Over 200 junta soldiers and border guard personnel from both the camps crossed Naf river on the Bangladesh border and arrived in the neighbouring country with weapons.


During gun fighting the junta's border guard forces collaborated with the armed groups namely Arakan Rohingya Army (ARA)  and Arakan Solidarity Organization (RSO)and tried to resist the AA offensive.


Later the AA fighters recovered a number of bodies including those of  ARA & RSO rebels. A large volume of arms and ammunition were also seized.


The AA claims in a statement that the junta soldiers had an understanding with the Muslim rebel groups. While escaping the camps they sold a number of weapons for Bangladeshi Taka ten million and also sought assistance from the ARA rebels to flee to Bangladesh. This information was obtained from the captured prisoners of war.


Additionally, the AA stated that according to these prisoners of war, the border guard forces and Nobi Hossain led ARA had enjoyed close understanding.

Among the captured ARA camps many were used to store arms and ammunition taken from Taung Pro Let Wae and Let Yar camps. Other items like 69 bags of WY, 28 bags of crystal methamphetamine and plastic equipment  were also recovered by AA fighters.


The ARA camps are constructed with bricks on the bank of  Naf river. One camp was near Taung Pro Let Wae and there is a 1,000-meter concrete walkway.


There is a Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) camp also on the other side of Naf fiver. They were frequently moving inside Bangladesh.


The ARA managed to obtain some weapons from the junta's warehouses as they were present in the camps when the  camps were captured. They acquired most of the weapons from the camp within a short time as the junta soldiers and ARA rebels engaged in understanding in front of AA fighters.

The ARA rebels entered Bangladesh and transported arms and ammunition in a vehicle.

The AA leaders informed that they are still interrogating the prisoners of war for more inputs.


At the same time, the AA emphasized on peace, stability, security and social harmony throughout the region adjacent to the Bangladesh border and reiterated their commitment to ensure security to the Arakanese people.

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