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NGO offices in Maungdaw paint rooftop logo to escape junta’s airstrikes

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To evade the military junta's airstrikes targeting residential towns and villages, the logos of organizations, including the UN, have been painted on rooftops of their offices in Maungdaw locality of Rakhine State.


The residents of Maungdaw noticed that the logos of UN and INGOs were prominently painted on the roofs of offices.


“I noticed that names and logos of their offices were painted on the roofs. It appears they're concerned over  the airstrikes,” said a Maungdaw resident.


The junta has intensified security measures in Maungdaw like conducting overnight guest-list checks. However, the general ambience there remains peaceful till date.

But due to concerns sparked by the skirmishes around the township, some residents and NGO workers left the area.


In northern Maungdaw which borders Bangladesh, the Arakan Army (AA) has successfully captured two tactical command bases of the junta namely  Taung Pyo Let Yar camp on 4 February and Taung Pyo Let Wae camp on 6 February. 


After the AA fighters won these strategic bases, the junta soldiers launched airstrikes on the camps using jet fighters and helicopters till Wednesday.


"Explosions from the bombings could be heard from distant locations. The junta forces conducted the airstrikes in retaliation," said a Tamanthar villager.


The residents allege that the military regime continues targeting the civilians by resorting to airstrikes and artillery shelling as they encounter some setbacks on the battlefield.


So the people in INGO offices of  Maungdaw apprehend airstrikes and start taking deterrent measures.


The INGO workers in Rakhine State believe that as the military situation deteriorates, the UN and other international organisations, involved in extending humanitarian support, may leave the region soon.


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