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Police and junta soldiers abandoned their Myebon stations

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 The junta soldiers and police personnel in Myebon of Rakhine state have abandoned their camp this morning.


"They abandoned the camp in the very early morning hours. I do not have details, but they may be over 200," said a local  source.


The  soldiers are understood to leave for  Kyaukphyu by a military vessel.


"At around 6 am on Monday a large AP03 military vessel arrived here. The  junta soldiers, who had abandoned the Myebon camp, were taken to Kyaukphyu battalion camps. They may be shifted to Thandwe from here," said a Kyaukphyu resident.


The  navy number 570 vessel departed from Kyaukphyu, but it remains unclear if the soldiers and policemen were aboard.


They were shifted from Myebon  locality following the military conflicts that surfaced there. Finally the Myebon township comes under the control of AA.


Caption: Before boarding on the Navy ships, the junta soldiers left the ammunition in the Maebon jetty.

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