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Junta forces destroy Min Chaung bridge near Ah Myint Kyun village to prevent AA offensive

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  • | Date: 13 February 2024
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The  junta forces have destroyed Min Chaung bridge on the Sittwe-Yangon highway with a mine attack, said a local resident.


The bridge near Ah Myint Kyun village is recognised as the entry point to Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State.


"We are aware of the fact that the concerned bridge was destroyed by a mine attack on Saturday morning. Currently, there is nobody in Ah Myint Kyun village or nearby areas. If one looks at the photograph, which was taken secretly by a villager, the damage can be guessed,” he added.


Due to Sittwe on an island surrounded by water, the junta forces were  concerned about the probable offensive by Arakan Army (AA) fighters after crossing the bridge. So they destroyed the bridge with a mine attack.


Hence, no road access to Sittwe is available. Narinjara News has not been able to gather all details due to the ongoing restriction on telephone communications.

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