Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

Intense clashes between junta forces and AA fighters erupt in Kyaukphyu

 An intense clash between the  junta forces and Arakan Army (AA) fighters has erupted at a place seven miles away from Kyaukphyu, where some Chinese projects are located.


A Kyaukphyu resident informed that the clash began at 8 am on 12 February at the foot of Doe Tan mountain, where the 32nd police battalion is stationed.


“The fighting is going on in Kulabar village-tract. We can hear the sound of gunfire and artillery shells in the morning hours,” added the resident.


Till 10 am, artillery shells were fired for over eight 8 times.


The junta forces often conduct operations on  Na Pyo Chaung village under Kulabar village-tract. Many nearby areas were also targeted. The soldiers also frequently arrested local villagers to extract information about the AA.


Na Pyo Chaung village is surrounded by  Mala Kyun, Pyin Shay and Leik Kha Maw villages and gunfightings are going on in those areas, following which many villagers left their places.


On 1 February, intense clashes between the two armed forces took place in Mala Kyun, Pyin Shay Ywar Thit and Yae Myet villages in Kyaukphyu valley. At least six civilians were injured by artillery shells, fired by the navy and police personnel.


About 60 soldiers stationed in Gone Chwein village-tract went to the battle to assist the 543rd battalion and Doe Tan mountain police battalion and they all continuously fired artillery shells.


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