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Sittwe commander orders burning of villages if AA attacks battalions

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  • | Date: 15 February 2024
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Sittwe regional operation commander has reportedly given orders to burn villages if  the Arakan Army (AA) launches attacks on the junta's battalions in the township. The development came as surprising news for the villagers.


The residents of  Yae Chan Pyin village revealed that they came to know about the directive of junta officers to burn the villages if needed. It preceded the AA messages to the junta forces to surrender with weapons.


"We have heard that if the AA fighters launch attacks they will burn our villages. It causes fears among the villagers. Now they are preparing to leave their places,” said one villager.


The villagers also told Narinjara News that they heard about the strict order from Sittwe commander to the soldiers not to surrender. The soldiers are also directed to burn nearby villages if the AA fighters attack the junta forces.


The villagers from Yae Chan Pyin, Ohn Yae Paw, Kyat Taw Pyin, Thin Pone Tan and Pyar Lel Chaung, which are located nearby the military camps, start fleeing after the news.


The regional commander arrived at Yae Chan Pyin village by 3 pm on 11 February and ordered the blocking of the Yae Chan Pyin river mouth. The  security measures were also tightened. Currently, the civilians are prohibited from moving through the river.


Now the residents from Sittwe, Mayu Kan, Mase Kan etc are facing the restriction on travelling by the river.


"We don't even know where to go. We are very scared. We are trying to relocate ourselves in the coming days," said a female resident.


On the morning hours of 10 February, the junta forces destroyed the Min Chaung bridge at the entrance to Sittwe on Yangon-Sittwe highway with a mine attack with an aim to prevent the AA fighters from entering the Arakan capital city.

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