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Intense fighting continues in Kyaukphyu, junta forces launch airstrikes

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 As intense fighting continues in Kyaukphyu township of Rakhine State the junta forces conduct airstrikes on the locality.


According to local sources, a number of junta soldiers were killed in the battle and they were buried at Kyaukphyu cemetery under tight security.


The fighting began on 12 February where the junta soldiers suffered casualties. No less than 40 soldiers died and 100 others injured.

Next day more than 20 soldiers were killed and at least 50 were injured. The injured soldiers were transported to the 34th infantry battalion and district general hospital for treatment.

The residents also revealed that due to the intense fighting resulting in casualties among the soldiers, they conducted airstrikes with a Y-12 aircraft in the vicinity of Nget Pyaw Chaung village of  Kulabar.


According to a Kyaukphyu resident, currently 46 injured soldiers are receiving treatment at the district general hospital.


“With absence of senior doctors at the hospital, the nurses are engaged on full-time duty," added the resident.

Many seriously injured soldiers were taken to Kyaukphyu district hospital. The soldiers with minor injuries were shifted to the 34th battalion using military vehicles.

"I don't know the exact number of injured soldiers who were taken back to the battalion. Currently, there are over 46 in the hospital," added the resident.


In the morning hours of 12 February, the Arakan Army members and junta forces engaged in fierce fighting near Nget Pyaw Chaung village, located seven  miles away from Kyaukphyu township.

After the first day’s battle, the deceased and injured soldiers were brought back to their battalions. The bodies were taken to Kyaukphyu cemetery for burial.


"Nearly 16 bodies were loaded on a vehicle at  night. I think they were buried at Kyaukphyu cemetery. The security around the cemetery was also tightened," said a military aligned source.


The junta forces sent reinforcements from the 542nd light infantry battalion, 543rd light infantry battalion and 34th infantry battalion to the battle field. The injured soldiers were taken  back to the battalions by the military vehicles.

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