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Rakhine ethnic junta soldiers flee from Kyaukphyu’s Dhanyawadi naval base

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 Some Rakhine ethnic junta soldiers fled from Dhanyawadi naval base at Thit Pote Taung village under Kyaukphyu township, that led the junta forces to chase and fire shots on nearby villages.


"The soldiers entered Kyan Chai village and started searching operations in the early morning hours. They left by  11 am. It's unclear how they entered the village. About 30 soldiers left the base by land and another 20 departed via the waterway," said a resident.


Those Rakhine ethnic junta soldiers are believed to have fled on Thursday in the early hours. Following this, other soldiers chased them and also fired five gunshots in the mountains near Kyan Chai village and also discharged firearms downhill.

On 14 February, two Rakhine women and one man, all belonging to the junta forces, fled. Then on 15 February, three Rakhine junta soldiers escaped.


The military junta at Dhanyawadi base, located near Thit Pote Taung village under Kyaukphyu township, changed its top officials.

"People started fleeing since the artillery shells were fired by the soldiers. Si Maw, Sit Taw, and Thit Pote Taung villages become almost deserted. We are receiving assistance from relatives in nearby villages, but it's a difficult situation here," said a villager.


Residents of Si Maw, Sit Taw and Thit Pote Taung villages near Dhanyawadi base fled to Maday island. Nget Pyaw Chaung and Kulabar villages are also facing aerial bombardments by the junta forces and many residents had already left their villages.

Dhanyawadi naval base is four  miles away from Kyaukphyu township and about 5.5 miles from Maday island, where the Chinese project is situated.

The initial attack on Dhanyawadi base near Thit Pote Taung village was launched by the Arakan Army (AA) fighters at around 6 am on 8 January.

The AA fighters launched the second attack by firing improvised rockets at Dhanyawadi base after some time.

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