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Intense clashes erupt after AA attacks on Baw Di Kone border guard outpost in Maungdaw

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  • | Date: 16 February 2024
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The Arakan Army (AA) has launched a massive attack on Baw Di Kone border guard outpost in  southern Maungdaw township of Rakhine State. It resulted in an intense clash across the western border areas, following which the junta forces conducted airstrikes with a jet fighter.

An abbot from Maungdaw told Narinjara News that the clash began early in the morning on Thursday and continued till  12 noon.


"We heard the sound of artillery shells and small arms firing. The battle remained intense till noon. The soldiers fired numerous artillery shells," added the abbot.

Another resident of Maungdaw confirmed that the junta forces were  conducting airstrikes using a jet fighter.

"From 10 am, a jet fighter dropped the bombs twice. I could hear it loudly even from my place,” he added.


The concerned outpost, situated on Maungdaw-Ah Ngu Maw road, is adjacent to several border guard outposts like Kin Chaung, Shwe Yin Aye and Kha Yae Myaing. The outpost was attacked by the AA fighters on 28 November, resulting in the outpost set on fire.


Due to the clashes, the residents of Tha Ray Kon Baung, Kaing Gyi, Shwe Yin Aye, Kha Yae Myaing, and Baw Di Kone villages under Maungdaw township have fled from their places.

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