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Families of junta forces shifted to Sittwe via military helicopters from Buthidaung

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The families of junta forces from Buthidaung township in Rakhine State have been relocated to Sittwe by military helicopters.

A Buthidaung resident  told Narinjara News that the families of military and police personnel staying in Buthidaung were shifted to Sittwe on 5 and 6 February.

"The wives & children of soldiers and policemen, who were residing in barracks, were transported to Sittwe by the helicopters. On that day, there were aircraft movements 8 to 10 times a day. I observed Mi helicopters also," added the resident.

The frequent clashes in the vicinity of Buthidaung locality and emerging reports of a potential attack by the Arakan Army (AA) fighters on 15th military operations command (MOC-15) stationed in
Buthidaung prompted the relocation for safety concerns.

The remaining battalions, including the division in Buthidaung, frequently discharged multiple rocket systems and artillery shells over the town. Kyauktaw and Rathedaung townships were also targeted
almost every day. The artillery shells fired by the battalions in Buthidaung landed in Kha Naung Gyi village under  Rathedaung township on Thursday.

"The military and police forces in Buthidaung are firing artillery shells every day. They fired targeting Rathedaung and some shells fell at Kha Naung Gyi village," said the resident.

There are approximately 10 military battalions and three police battalions under MOC-15 which are defending their bases in Buthidaung locality.

Many family members of junta forces were also relocated from Kyaukphyu by cargo ships since 5 February.

The families of junta officials and department officers in Sittwe were sent to Yangon as a precautionary measure against a potential battle against the AA fighters. Many private passenger cars, including departmental vehicles, were also transported to Yangon in the last week of January by a large cargo ship.

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