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Junta forces abandon Ma Ei town, destroy bridge with mine attack

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  • | Date: 17 February 2024
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The junta soldiers have reportedly abandoned Ma Ei town of  Taungup district in Rakhine State and they destroyed Ma Ei bridge with a mine attack.

"Soldiers were stationed at Ma Ei Myoma police station and Zee San Taung military base in Ma Ei town. This morning, I heard that the soldiers have left. They abandoned the town and fled with their cars. They also destroyed the bridge with a mine attack," said a local

The clashes broke out after the Arakan Army (AA) intercepted junta soldiers, who were abandoning the town at around 9:30 pm on 16 February near Kin Chay village.

“We heard about a clash near Kin Chay village. Gunshots were audible, followed by the sound of artillery shells,” added the resident.

After the conflict erupted,  junta soldiers destroyed the bridge to prevent the AA fighters from entering the town.

Many civilians also sustained injuries and several houses were damaged following the conflicts.

The artillery shells, fired by the soldiers, destroyed several houses near Ma Ei bridge, which connects Ma Ei and Pyin Wun. Some villagers were also injured.

A young woman resident claimed that she sustained injuries to her hands.

"The roof of my house was destroyed. I didn't know from where the artillery shells were fired. The first shell hit the house. It was really big. My hands sustained injuries,” she added.

She also informed that some houses, belonging to her friends, were also damaged.

"Last night, the Ma Ei bridge was destroyed and now the photographs have surfaced in social media to confirm the destruction,” said another resident of Ma Ei.

An eyewitness revealed that since 14 February, the junta began transporting military equipments from Ma Ei to Ann township by helicopters.

On 15 February, a large number of families belonging to police personnel were also transported. Next the helicopters landed not less than five times.

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