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Junta forces conduct airstrikes by jet fighters on villages near Rathedaung town

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  • | Date: 17 February 2024
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The junta forces carried out airstrikes on villages near Rathedaung township of Rakhine State, using jet fighters which resulted in burning of many houses.


A Rathedaung resident informed Narinjara News that from 9 am to 12 noon on Friday, the junta forces conducted airstrikes on Kha Naung Gyi, Kan Pyin and Ywar Thit Kay villages.


"They used jet fighters to conduct the airstrikes. But there was no fighting in the locality. They carried out airstrikes once again at 1:30 pm and it lasted till  4 pm. The soldiers  targeted the villages near battalions in response to the news that the Arakan Army (AA) may attack them," added the resident.

Many villages like Kha Naung Gyi, Kan Pyin and Pyar Pin Yin caught fire because of airstrikes. As the villagers had already left their places there was  no casualty.


The clashes between the AA fighters and junta forces started in Rathedaung locality, where the soldiers tried to defend their bases. They used artillery shells taking support from the navy and air forces personnel, said Three Brotherhood Alliance a few days back.

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