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Junta’s families relocated by navy barges from Chinese project fame Maday island

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  • | Date: 18 February 2024
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The family members of junta forces were relocated by navy barges from Maday island, where the Chinese project is located, and also Nga La Pwayt jetty in Kyaukphyu township of Arakan (Rakhine) State.


A local eyewitness reported that those families were moved from Nga La Pwayt jetty to Thit Pote Taung naval base in the early morning hours on 17 February.


"There was only a police station in Nga La Pwayt. Later, many soldiers were deployed there. The number of checkpoints also increased. Due to the military situation, the soldiers have relocated their families to the naval base," added the eyewitness.


A navy ship carrying family members of junta and police personnel was seen departing from Maday island, where the Kyaukphyu deep-sea port project is located, by Saturday morning.


"This morning, four navy ships arrived. I saw families of police and military personnel boarding the navy ships. But I am not sure where they are heading for," said the person.


On 15 and 16 February, the family members were evacuated from Ma Ei town by helicopter. Later the soldiers and police personnel were seen leaving Ma Ei police station in military vehicles.


Following the Arakan Army's capture of many towns after the conflicts erupted in Ramree, Taungup and Kyaukphyu localities, the military regime relocated their family members to Kyaukphyu, Thandwe and Ann localities. Later the officer’s families were sent to Yangon.

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