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Junta forces interrogate 67 passengers arriving in Kyaukpyu airport from Yangon

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  • | Date: 19 February 2024
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All the 67 passengers, who landed at Kyaukpyu airport from Yangon on Sunday, were taken away by the general administrator and junta forces for interrogation.


An eyewitness informed  Narinjara News that the passengers arrived in Kyaukphyu by a  Myanmar Airlines plane in the evening hours on 18 February. They all were shifted to Ramawaddy city hall by cars.

"At around 5 pm, the aeroplane landed. I cannot remember  the flight number. We knew that there were about 67 passengers. As soon as they disembarked, the authorities put them in a Dyna car and took them away,” added the Kyaukphyu resident.

He informed that most of the passengers were men and women in their 20s.


They were taken to the city hall in Ah Soe Ya ward of Kyaukphyu township, where they faced interrogation. However, no further information surfaced from the initiative.

"We don't know the reason behind the interrogation. However we are worried that those  young passengers are being interrogated by the soldiers. They may also be arrested under some military service laws, as the passengers were not released till the evening hours," added the eyewitness.


Since the mandatory military service laws were enforced on 10 February, the junta forces have been conducting the overnight checking of guest lists of Rakhine families in Yangon and often arresting the Rakhine youth.

Due to these arrests, the working Rakhine youth in Yangon are returning to their places to avoid the harassment of junta forces.

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