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Junta forces use military helicopters to relocate weapons, destroy unmovable ones by fire before abandoning Myebon base

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  • | Date: 20 February 2024
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The junta forces have transported a large volume of weapons and ammunition from the military base near Hin Kha Yaw village under  Myebon township of Rakhine State by military  helicopters and also burned the unmovable  weapons before abandoning the base, claimed Three Brotherhood Alliance.


"The junta soldiers are losing the point-402 and point-408 hill-based camps, situated 2.7 kilometre northwest of Hin Kha Yaw village. So they have evacuated portable weapons and ammunition from those hill-based camps using military helicopters to the western command in Ann township," said a statement issued by the alliance.

"After transporting the weapons, they also  destroyed remaining artillery weapons and ammunition in the camps on 18 February at around 5:30 pm and subsequently abandoned it,” added the statement.

Earlier on 17 February, the junta’s air force and navy personnel launched an assault to destroy Ramree township. As a result, more than 150 houses in number 4 Kin Tel ward caught fire, asserted the statement, adding that in between 11:52 am and 12:22 pm on Sunday, the junta camp stationed at Thein Taung pagoda hill fired two artillery shells one  Ramree residential areas.

The junta forces deliberately set six dormitories housing innocent civilians on  fire at 2 pm on 17 February. Those were combined homes with shops at Thit Pote Taung road intersection in Kyaukphyu township. While returning to Min Tet Taung village in Gone Chwein locality, the soldiers abducted four civilians covering their faces.


The junta in the Rakhine region remains unacceptable to their military defeats and hence they are arresting and even killing civilians. The road communication and also information are restricted in various localities. Residents are facing problems for reducing the flow of goods.


Three Brotherhood Alliance also asserted that the military junta has been committing war crimes, human rights violations and crimes against humanity across the region.

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