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Junta forces burn down 6 houses, arrest homeowners in Kyaukphyu

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  • | Date: 20 February 2024
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The junta forces have burned down six houses at Thit Pote Taung intersection, which lies on the way to Dhanyawadi naval base in Kyaukphyu township of Rakhine State and also arrested some homeowners.


The soldiers destroyed the houses at 4 am on 18 February and also arrested owners of the houses, said a Kyaukphyu resident.


Narinjara News has already obtained some photographic evidence about the burnt houses.


A local military source also confirmed that the  house owners were arrested by the soldiers.



"I cannot confirm the exact number of individuals who are detained by the soldiers. Currently the phone lines in those areas are not working," added the source.


Thit Pote Taung intersection is situated approximately nine miles away from Dhanyawadi naval base, which is around 11 miles away from Kyaukphyu and roughly five miles away from  number 32 Doe Tan Taung police battalion.


"Between the Doe Tan Taung police battalion and  intersection, the border affairs ministry's industrial training school under Hnan Phel mountain lies, where nearly 30 soldiers are stationed. It is apprehended that the police battalion in collaboration with the military column set the houses on fire. It seems they are avoiding their usual routes," stated the source.


At noon on 17 February, the battalions in Kyaukphyu and their family members were relocated from Dhanyawadi naval base to Thandwe. They were transported by an AP-01 troop carrier.


Since then, 542nd light infantry battalion, Doe Tan Taung police battalion and Taung Shay Taung military base started firing artillery shells on surrounding areas of Thit Pote Taung intersection.


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