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Arrested flight passenger attempts self killing in Kyaukphyu

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  • | Date: 20 February 2024
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A young air passenger, who was arrested by the junta forces, attempted self killing in Kyaukphyu township of Rakhine State. Hailing  from Ramree locality, the passenger (around 20 years old) attempted suicide following his arrest suspecting him a supporter of the Arakan Army (AA).


A reliable source informed Narinjara News that he inserted the handcuffs into an electric power point as he was guarded by the police personnel.


"After finding evidence of his communication with the AA in his phone, the passenger was handcuffed. While he tried to electrocute himself, a female passenger switched off the supply and saved him,” added the source.


The passenger was identified as Maung Nay Lin Zaw, who is a resident of Kyein Tan Chaung village of  Konbaung region under  Ramree township. He was taken to the 34th infantry battalion in Kyaukphyu by 5  pm.


It may be mentioned that on 18 February, 67 passengers arriving at Kyaukphyu airport from Yangon were arrested by the general administrator and soldiers. They were interrogated at Ramawaddy city hall in Kyaukphyu locality. The security around the hall was also tightened.


The  junta forces promised to release the passengers, aged between 18 and 25, who can provide details of their households. Now the junta authority clarifies that no one will be released as at least one AA affiliated youth accompanied them.


Many young passengers from another plane which landed at Kyaukphyu were also arrested by the soldiers and taken to Ramawaddy city hall, increasing the total number of detained youths to over 100.


The passengers and their phones were checked by the soldiers as they disembarked from the plane.


Now the Rakhine passengers intending to return home from the mainland by air services have been advised to make adequate preparations. Their phone sets should be cleaned up with erasing suspected photographs and also social media posts along with any evidence relating to the AA to avoid the harassment by soldiers.

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