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Only few days left to capture remaining junta camps in Rakhine: Three Brotherhood Alliance

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  • | Date: 22 February 2024
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 The Arakan Army (AA) is at the peak of its offensive against the military junta in Rakhine State and there are only a few days left to capture all junta camps where hardly 100 soldiers are stationed, said Three Brotherhood Alliance in a statement issued on Tuesday.


"The AA fighters can seize the remaining military  camps within a week. Many camps are fully captured through the offensive within some days only, which indicates that our  capabilities reach its peak," added the statement.

The soldiers have no option but to retreat even though they are desperately defending some of their strongholds. However, their defense and resilience are declining every day, asserted the statement.

Captain Lin Htet Aung, who joined the CDM, told Narinjara News that the morale of the soldiers is declining and they are not in a mood to face the frontline combats.

The forum opined that it gives an opportunity, not only for them but for everyone opposing the junta, and they urged the people to get the advantage and finally eradicate the military dictatorship.

Meanwhile, the AA reiterated its warning to the soldiers to surrender.


"We have observed that in several incidents across the Rakhine region many subordinates were spared by the junta commanders. So we have instructed the camps to surrender before the offensive begins," said the statement.

Due to some commanders, who had refused to surrender, their subordinates lost their lives and could not reunite with their families.


Since the beginning of the offensive the AA fighters have captured many military bases, tactical operation command bases, battalions and division headquarters of the junta. Initially they all refused to surrender.


Across the Rakhine region, Paletwa locality and other areas, the AA fighters have captured a number of camps, either independently or in collaboration with the alliance. Now they are launching offensives to  capture every camp in their localities.


They have also launched offensives against some other junta bases in different townships, concluded the statement.




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